We Canned a LOT of Applesauce…

We have 3 growing boys and they love applesauce. So does their daddy. So when we get apples for saucing… we buy them by the BIN! That’s 900 pounds roughly.

Now we share that with another family but still…

When our apple saucing day was done this year, we had 304 quarts in jars and 12 gallons more in buckets for apple butter and apple leather and apple…SOMETHING. We’re pretty serious about this.

We’re blessed to have access to a facility where we can process that kind of volume in a day. But it still takes commitment and work. There comes a point in the middle of that day when I just want to REST. That is the point where I choose to stay in it and see the project through.

In that respect, making applesauce is kind of like marriage. None of us really understood what we were getting into when we said, “I do”. To make it work takes commitment and work. And sometimes help and the right tools.

Just like our investment in apple sauce, an investment in your marriage keeps paying you sweet returns for months and years to come. So make a commitment to reconnect, reengage, rekindle oneness. You’ll be glad you did.

Richie & Timi Brower

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