Can you save your marriage... ALONE?

Do you feel stuck in your relationship because your partner has no desire to work on it? Do they even see that there IS a need for change? Maybe your spouse "checked out" of the relationship some time ago.

In this new video teaching series Richie and Timi Brower share practical tools you can use in your marriage even if one party has no interest in making a change. Don't surrender your marriage. YOU can fight to WIN!!!

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What You'll Learn...

  • Why you really don’t have to wait for your spouse to get on board before you start healing your marriage.
  • How your choices can begin to change the dynamics of your relationships for the better. (Without demanding your spouse to do ANYTHING)
  • Two steps that work BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE to reconcile a marriage stand off.
  • How to effectively disrupt the status quo
  • 3 prayers that God is eager to answer for your marriage – but you likely aren’t praying .
  • How to find the support you need.
  • And much more!!

Many people are asking: Is there hope for my marriage if I'm the only one who wants more? If I'm the only one willing to work on it? We will address this with a resounding, Yes! Using the tools we'll teach you, one person can make a difference. We hope you'll join us for this practical, hope filled video series.

Richie and Timi Brower Richie and Timi Brower
Marriage Conversion University