Join us September 16 & 17, by webcast

Marriage Conversion Seminar

... streaming live from Renton Washington!

Richie and Timi Brower

With backgrounds in pastoral ministry and counseling Richie and Timi bring broad spectrum of tools and insight to bear on the issue of marriage. But it wasn't always that way. We nearly didn't make it. When both marriage and ministry came to a breaking point, we walked away from the financial security of our pastoral career choosing to focus on healing our marriage.

Today we love to share the stories of how God is restoring our family. Since 2009 we have traveled across the United States encouraging couples and strengthening marriages. We founded Marriage Conversion University to give couples tools to heal, grow, and maximize their marriage relationships.

What You'll Learn...

  • God's design for marriage - what He had in mind and why it matters today.
  • What we leave behind... why "letting go" is so important to a lasting bond
  • Holding onto the right things - What makes the short list of things we never turn loose of?
  • Understanding biblical submission - you might be surprised at what we find.
  • Ten practical tips for transforming your marriage.
  • ... and MORE!!