5 Steps To Drama-Free Holidays

When Richie and I joined our families in marriage, we began a tradition of “The Holiday Circuit.” Between us we had 5 (yes, 5!) parental units and 5 sets of grandparents. Since the multitude was created through divorce, no one would share space with anyone else so we felt that it was our job to visit most or all of them from the middle of November through the end of December.

Seeing everyone was good. Trying to fit the puzzle pieces of everyone into that time period was hectic (we did still have work and school and a church to pastor). Add guilt from expectations we couldn’t meet, frustration when the conversations of whose family was getting more time than the other’s and tiredness from all the running and pleasing and you had a space that was anything but happy. But we did it, year after year, because we thought we had to.

And then…

Our first-born child was due less than two weeks after Thanksgiving and my OBGYN said I couldn’t travel. I was so relieved. We couldn’t engage in the madness that year. Of course, adding a child to the family is exciting. But something else happened that year: We were given a doctor’s note that said we weren’t allowed to please everyone. It was the best Holiday gift of my life. It gave us back choice. We had unwittingly abdicated our responsibility of creating a season of joy and beauty.

In the 10 years since reclaiming choice and intentionality, we have had varying levels of success creating drama-free holidays. This webinar shares the tips and decision-making process that we use to create the holidays rather than be slammed by them. It looks at honoring family, keeping focus and marking priorities that deepen oneness.

If you like the idea but dread the reality of the holidays, that’s good data that something needs to shift.

Join us this Thursday, November 12th at 5:30 PM Pacific Time (8:30 Eastern) for this month’s webinar “5 Steps to Drama-Free Holidays. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE. You’ll need to sign up and enter your email address to join this event.

We’d love to see you there.

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